Gastric Sleeve Resection

What is Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve resection?

It is a Bariatric procedure where the outer crescent of the stomach is removed and at the end of the procedure capacity of the stomach to hold food is largely reduced and a tube like stomach is left behind after the surgery. Due to reduced capacity of the stomach to hold food the individual’s capacity to consume food reduces and over a period of time results in weight loss.

How is the procedure


The surgery is performed by making 5 to 6 small incisions and through these incisions Laparoscope (a small instrument with a narrow tube and camera at the end) and other instruments are inserted. The procedure involves removing of 2/3rd of the stomach on the left side using laparoscopic methods and endoscopic staplers. The shape of the stomach thus becomes tube like (like a hockey stick), reducing the capacity stomach’s capacity to store food. The entire procedure is performed after administering anesthesia to the patient and since the patient is asleep during the procedure he feels no pain during it.

Who should opt for this procedure and

why is it performed?

Large volume eaters, people who are 30 kg overweight or with a BMI>32 with co morbidities.

BMI> 35without co morbidities, those who suffer from obesity are the ones who should opt for this procedure.

The reasons for performing the surgery are as follows:

  • When the BMI is greater than 60.
  • When the individual is suffering from co morbidities such as cardiac, pulmonary and liver diseases.
  • Those who suffer from Crohn’s disease(a condition where the bowel is inflated)
  • Those who have enlarged liver, etc.

What are the benefits of the procedure?

The benefits of the procedure are as follows:

  • Results in preservation of stomach function.
  • 60-70% of assured weight loss.
  • Improvement in the ability to manage related co morbidities.
  • Prohibits dumping syndrome and nutrition deficiency.
  • Suitable option for those individuals who are not fit for malabsorptive or other combined procedures.

How does this procedure aid in

weight loss?

This is a restrictive procedure and it greatly reduces the size of the stomach and as result the ability of the stomach to store food also reduces and this result in reduction of appetite and thus the individual consumes less food, the surgery also reduces the secretion of “hunger hormone” ghrelin, produced in the stomach which results in reduction of appetite and thus gradually results in weight loss. Many studies have indicated that the benefits of this procedure last up to three years and have documented excellent weight loss.

What is the road to


A day after the surgery the patient undergoes swallow test to check for any leaks. If the patient is fine and the pain is less, then he is discharged immediately and follow up checkup is held every 7 to 10 days post discharge. 

Under the supervision of Dr. Kiran K J the patients need not worry about any complications post the procedure because they are under the supervision of one of the most experienced doctors who performs 10 such surgeries on an average every month. 

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