appendix removal surgery

laparoscopic Appendectomy

What is Laparoscopic appendectomy and why is it performed?

Laparoscopic appendectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove the appendix in cases of appendicitis.

What is appendix?

Appendix is an organ found usually below the right side of the belly button, it is a tube like organ attached to the large intestine.

What are the symptoms of


Some of the common symptoms of appendicitis are:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, predominantly on the right side.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen while lifting something or while performing Jarring movements.
  • Sudden pain near the navel area, which gradually shifts to lower right abdomen.

When should an individual

consult a doctor?

If the individual has severe pain in the abdomen and there is a swelling, it might be a case of appendicitis and it is better to consult the doctor immediately and if any of the above mentioned symptoms are noticed then it is good to consult a doctor because appendix can rupture and further complicate the issue. 

What are the avenues of

treatments available?

Appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics, needle drainage surgery but these are proven to be effective in very few cases, most of the times doctors suggest operation.

How is Laparoscopic appendectomy


It is similar to other Laparoscopic procedures, where a laparoscope is inserted through incisions made near the belly button through which gas is slowly let in to the abdomen and after locating the appendix’s correct position through the laparoscope using surgical instruments inserted through other incisions appendix is gently disconnected and removed.

Mostly the surgery requires 3 incisions, but sometimes it might take 4 to complete the procedure.

What are the advantages of

Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

The advantages are as follows:

  • The procedure requires you to stay for a less time in the hospital
  • Small scars and quick recovery
  • Normal bowel movements even after surgery

How is the road to recovery and what to expect

after surgery?

As highlighted above the surgery will leave small scars and the recovery time is very less. Since carbon di oxide is pumped into the abdomen there will be shoulder pain for about a day or two.

If the appendix had already perforated and was operated upon for this reason you might have to stay in the hospital for a day to be monitored for any other complications.

One might feel nauseated post-surgery, this might be due to anesthesia administered for the purpose of the surgery.

The doctor might prescribe small amount of narcotic pain medicine to relieve pain, but there are cases where this is not required.

The patient will be required to visit the doctor 1 to 4 weeks from operation depending upon the condition of the patient.

You will be able to do normal activities after a week of operation.

Depending on the condition of the patient the doctor might discharge them the very same day after the operation.

If the pain in the incisional area persists the doctor will advise bed rest for a week.

It’s a minor procedure and will be well taken care of by Dr. Kiran K J and his team.

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